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Indie Lee

In 2008, Indie Lee was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor that doctors felt could be environmentally derived and attributed to something as simple as what she was putting on her skin.  This was her awakening. After surviving a successful surgery, she embarked upon a new journey, Indie Lee skincare - a clean beauty line dedicated to educating and empowering others to live their healthiest life.

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✨NEW✨ Retinol Alternative Cream

From  $62.00

✨NEW✨ Restorative Eye Cream


Brightening Cleanser

From  $11.00

I-Waken Resurfacing Mask


CoQ-10 Toner

From  $11.00

Squalane Facial Oil

From  $14.00

Clarity Kit


Purifying Face Wash

From  $11.00

Clearing Mask


Gentle Daily Peel


Active Oil Free Moisturizer


Banish Stick


Overnight Banish Gel


Banish Solution


Soothing Cleanser


Daily Vitamin Infusion

From  $24.00

Daily Skin Nutrition


Radiance Renewal Peel


Plant Stem Cell Serum

From  $52.00

Superfruit Facial Cream

$105.00   $78.75

I-Recover Body Soak


I-Recover Mind & Body Gel


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