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Kissed By Citrus Natural Perfume

Kissed by citrus opens with the tart, bright freshness of grapefruit, orange and lemon. Berry sweetens the mix, lily softens it and white musk grounds it. Hand dried, organic grapefruit, orange and lemon zest makes the citrus burst with life. Grapefruit oil is proven to energize and uplift the spirit. It also helps improve digestion, metabolism and blocks sweet cravings. Lemon oil is known to detoxify and is one of the most potent anti-microbial essential oils. Orange oil has a high content of antioxidants and can boost the immune system. It naturally lifts your mood and can increase your sex drive. This blend is extremely fresh and delightful, giving you an appealing, joyous boost through the day.
This scent is available in three bottling options & matching body butter |

*The mini roll-on bottle holds 1/6 fl. oz (5 ml) and has a brushed metal cap.

*The full size roll-on is 1/3 fl. oz (10 ml). The roll-ons are perfect if you are seeking portability and convenience.

*The vintage atomizer bottle with bulb tassel is a gorgeous addition to any collection. This bottle ships with a regular lid as well as the bulb sprayer. It holds 2 fl oz (60 ml).

Kissed by Citrus ultra premium body butter is a rich, silky moisturizer your body will love! Paraben free, gluten free and SLS free, this product does not compromise on quality. Made with Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E and essential oils, even the most sensitive skin will be happy. This formula leaves no residue or sticky feeling, but absorbs into dry skin, providing nourishment and regeneration.
6 ounce jar.

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